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Quick Marketing Options for Customer Acquisition  

While nurturing loyal customers is important, gaining new customers can help your business experience new ways your product or services continue to be useful. Here are quick marketing techniques you can implement to acquire new customers: 1. Use referral emails 2. Highlight good reviews  3. Allow customers to send a text message inquiry 4. Have …

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How to Create and Succeed with a Content Marketing Funnel

Enable yourself and your team to drive traffic to your website, turn that traffic into leads, and eventually turn those leads to customers and revenue. An effective content marketing funnel helps you plan and create content that will be successful in meeting your business goals. This funnel is a system that enables you to create …

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WordPress Websites are Perfect for Freelancers

According to the State of the Word address, 25% of survey participants make their living from WordPress. as from January 2015 to 2022 have over 243,161 WordPress projects completed. That’s a total value of $60,571,205. The most successful Envato Power Elite author has sold over 100,000 copies of one theme alone. With WordPress being …

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SEO vs Google AdWords. Which is best?

There are 4.39 billion internet users, with the worldwide total growing by 10%-15% each year. Thanks to the Internet, we are no longer separated by physical boundaries — our world is a “global world”. People across the globe can connect with one another. Every day, about 15% of all Google searches are brand new. Everything you …

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Google Ads (AdWords/PPC) Trends

The Most Critical Google Ads (AdWords or PPC) Trends Search engine marketing (SEM) or #PPC has been a game-changing marketing tool for companies for the last ten years. But today, creating a simple ad is not enough to keep driving traffic to websites. Paid search has become so complex that it is more difficult than …

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