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SEO vs Google AdWords. Which is best?

SEO vs Google AdWords. Which is best?

There are 4.39 billion internet users, with the worldwide total growing by 10%-15% each year. Thanks to the Internet, we are no longer separated by physical boundaries — our world is a “global world”. People across the globe can connect with one another. Every day, about 15% of all Google searches are brand new. Everything you want can reach your doorstep. All you have to do is go online, search for the product or service you want, and with a few clicks, it’s yours! Even the business and marketing world has shifted online.

Given that billions of people are practically living on the Internet, businesses can no longer afford to overlook online marketing, affectionetly known these days as Digital Marketing.

Why is Digital Marketing Important?

1. It provides increased visibility. 2. It drives qualified traffic to your website. 3. It helps level the competitive field. 4. It helps generate sales revenue. 5. Its cost-effective compared to print.

What is AdWords?

Google AdWords is an online advertising service paid business model designed by Google. It allows marketers/advertisers to bid on specific keywords so that their clickable ads can appear in front of the organic Google’s search results. AdWords lets you set an advertising budget for your online marketing efforts, and you only have to pay when people click on your ads.

Is SEO better than AdWords? 

When it comes to online marketing, both SEO and Google AdWords are critical tools for creating effective digital marketing campaigns. Both have unique advantages and disadvantages. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is free, whereas Google AdWords requires you to pay-per-click to get traffic.  The biggest advantage of AdWords is that it can help generate quality tangible results much faster than SEO.

Both SEO and AdWords are essential for devising and implementing a successful digital marketing strategy. Since both target web traffic in their own unique ways, you must leverage both to ensure long-term success.  

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