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Google Ads (AdWords/PPC) Trends

Google Ads (AdWords/PPC) Trends

The Most Critical Google Ads (AdWords or PPC) Trends

Search engine marketing (SEM) or #PPC has been a game-changing marketing tool for companies for the last ten years. But today, creating a simple ad is not enough to keep driving traffic to websites. Paid search has become so complex that it is more difficult than ever for the average individual to create a successful #Google search ad campaign.

Smart Features – bring complications, but offer advantages

The update from Google AdWords to Google Ads brings many new features, including more automated and smart options, like Smart Campaigns, with new and updated tools integrated directly into the Google Marketing platform.

These updates have great potential but they could have both positive and negative effects for users. While the new features open up possibilities for professionals, these same features could confuse and discourage novice search advertisers.

Working together yields better results – Google Partner

One of the consequences of the updates is that google ads will not be completely automatic. Experts who are familiar with the platform will easily take advantage of the new platform’s features, thus gaining an advantage over both manually created and automated ads.

To create a really profitable campaign today requires a considerable amount of prior Google knowledge and experience; this new complexity in Google Ads will now force general marketers to seek out an agency that specializes in Google Ads for help a GOOGLE Certified Partner.

Google Ads trends in 2019

An already complicated field is becoming even more complex. The enormous number of digital advertising options now offer an equal or even greater potential for failure. Those who choose to manage and execute advertising campaigns by themselves, or to only work with general agencies, will likely face a significant loss of time and, potentially, revenues. True Google Ads advertising professionals, who can create winning campaigns in a timely manner, will be worth the investment.

For this reason, the field of digital advertising, and more specifically advertising with Google Ads, is becoming more and more professional. Real success requires real experts. If you are looking for help give us a call 248.528.3600.

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