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How to Create and Succeed with a Content Marketing Funnel

How to Create and Succeed with a Content Marketing Funnel

Enable yourself and your team to drive traffic to your website, turn that traffic into leads, and eventually turn those leads to customers and revenue. An effective content marketing funnel helps you plan and create content that will be successful in meeting your business goals. This funnel is a system that enables you to create content that matches your potential customers needs as they move through the buyer’s journey. These phases usually include: 

Top: Drive Traffic & Awareness

The top goal of your content should be to drive traffic and awareness to your company’s website, social media, or local storefront. Make your ideal customer aware of the problem your product or service solves. This can be done with online advertising, direct email marketing, instructional video marketing, and SEO. 

Middle: Generate Leads 

Turn awareness and engagement of the user into qualified leads to pass to your sales team. Use content that can only be accessed by a user if they provide personal information such as name, email, phone #, etc. This can come in the form of a contact forms or email subscriptions boxes. Unlike the top, this content coverts traffic already gained into leads that your salesperson or team can follow up on and start a conversation. 

Bottom: Convert Leads to Sales 

The audience is engaged, you provided valuable content, collected emails, and given your sales team something to take action with. So, what now? You create supplementary content that team can use and that makes potential customers feel confident in their purchase. This content is usually case studies, specific use-cases of your product, free trials, or statics showing the benefits of your product. This type of content helps potential clients feel that your business is reputable and that their purchase will not be wasted. 


Keys of Content Marketing Success


? Understand the Buyer’s Journey

  • Awareness
    • Identify the problem
    • Conduct online research 
  • Consideration
    • Explore solutions
    • Research Vendors 
    • Determine relevant strategies 
  • Decision 
    • Create a shortlist of solutions 
    • Assess the ROI of each
    • Make purchase decision 

? Tailor Your Funnel the Buyer’s Journey

  • Create Content for Each Stage:
    • Top: SEO, Blog Content, Videos, YouTube channel, How-To Content, Webinar Snippets, Social Media ads, Targeted Web ads, Direct Email, Cold Email/Outreach.
    • Middle: Case Studies, Templates, Drip Campaigns, Newsletters, Webinars/Events, White Papers, GooglemyBusiness Profile
    • Bottom: Customer Stories/Testimonials, Competitor comparisons/spec sheets, Trials, Demos, Sales Deck. 

? Customer Retention 

This phase is often forgot, but very important for your business to stay relevant and successful. Your sales, customer service, support team, and marketing team all need to be working to maintain the customers attention. Share insights and resources into your product or services that will help customers succeed and create behind-the-scenes content from your company to keep the client engaged and part of your business. This strengthens the relationship and creates community around your product or service. 

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