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25 Creative Video Marketing Ideas for Your Business 

25 Creative Video Marketing Ideas for Your Business 

Long-form and short-form videos are a great way to generate new clients as well as build an audience for your brand. Whether you post them on YouTube, TikTok, other social platforms, or your business’s website, it can be difficult to come up with ideas that are relevant to what you are selling. Here are 25 ideas to help you determine what kind of video to create: 

1. Instructional Videos

2. Live Video Streaming 

3. Mini TV Skit

4. How It Is Made Videos

5. Preview of New Product/Service

6. Host a Webinar/Class

7. Create an Inspiration Series/Playlist 

8. Interview Industry Experts

9. Promotional Videos

10. Interview Customers/Clients

11. Thank You/Customer Appreciation Videos

12. Live Q & A 

13. Host Contest Videos

14. Conference/Event Highlights 

15. Industry News Report

16. Tour of Your Store/Office/Location

17. Appealing Static Visuals 

18. Time-Lapse Videos 

19. Holiday Special Videos 

20. Top 10 (Industry Topic) Videos 

21. FAQ Videos

22. Charity/Give Back to the Community Videos

23. Industry Tools Videos

24. History/How We Started Video

25. Unboxing New Equipment 

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