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14 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best for Creating Websites

14 Reasons Why WordPress is the Best for Creating Websites

Building a website is the first step to starting an online business. There are many options out there, but here are 14 reasons why WordPress is the best content management system option for your business’s website:

1. WordPress is Everywhere

WordPress is used by more than 60% of all the CMS websites and more than 35% of all the websites in general. This indicates how strong and flexible the platform is by supporting a huge chunk of the internet’s websites. 

2. Open Source, Free & Super-easy

WordPress is an open-source content management system. It is available for free for everyone to download and install. You need to pay for themes, plugins, domain name, hosting services, etc., but the platform essentially does not put any extra burden on your pocket in terms of building a foundation. The upgrades and updates are also free, which is important for keep your business relevant and SEO-friendly. 

3. Effortless to Set-up and Manage

WordPress is extremely easy to setup and manage. One can easily access it from anywhere and anytime by hosting the website online using cloud hosting services. You can also create an account on WordPress and link all your existing websites to one platform. All these websites can be accessed and managed from a single login. The user-friendly interface makes website management simple with a hierarchy of menus and sub-menus reduces the cognitive burden. 

4. Endless Customizability Support

WordPress is its immense customizability. Highly flexible, it suits both static and dynamic websites. Manage your WordPress website yourself or hire experts to maintain. An endless supply of themes and plugins available for WordPress enables endless customization. Most importantly, WordPress websites are highly compatible and adaptable to different types of screen sizes, thus boosting responsiveness and mobile friendliness.

5. Themes & Plugins for Every Need

There are hundreds of themes and plugins that make it easy for businesses to enable various functionalities on the website and fulfill various goals. These items are commonly used by many blogging, eCommerce, and other kinds of website owners. For example, many users integrate Google Analytics to monitor and track their website data, some use Yoast SEO for their search engine optimization related needs. The plugins can also be activated and deactivated as required and themes can also be chosen and adjusted as per requirements.

6. Super-smart Content Editor & Manager

WordPress has multiple content editors like block editor, Gutenberg, and classic editor that are all super easy to use and highly functional with no code knowledge required. This makes the content creation process more efficient and flawless. Scheduling and publishing blogs posts or other posts is also extremely easy. Add blogs from other platforms as RSS feeds using plugins like RSS Aggregator and others. 

7. Powerful Media & Gallery Manager

Media of any content adds to the overall aesthetic charm of the website. With WordPress’ smart media management, image optimization functionalities, and in-built settings it helps optimize media and boost the page load time. If needed, you can use plugins to automatically optimize the images when the page loads for a website. Users can also edit the media on WordPress itself and create a gallery of images, videos, and audio clips. 

8. Effortless Task Management for All

WordPress allows users to upload files with a drag and drop function making it easy to edit posts, pages, tags, or categories in bulk. Adding SEO information and other data related nuances is also very easy along with interlinking pages and managing other information. Beginners can make use of all the support; experts can tap into the customizability features and make the most of it. WordPress also does not require huge bandwidth and can be installed and run on even limited resources. The same goes for creating and publishing posts on WordPress as well.

9. Support for Custom Categories & Tags

The world’s best CMS is perfect for blogs, eCommerce websites, e-learning platforms, dating websites, and a whole wide range of industries. It supports custom categories and tags that makes it suitable for creating large and nuanced websites with extremely detailed navigation features. Create an extensive hierarchy of segmented pages and posts on your business’s website and add as much detailing as needed.

10. Easy Spam & Cache Management

Caching is an important feature and WordPress makes it super easy with the smart plugins and functionalities. The most popular ones include WP Fastest Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, WP Rocket, etc. These plugins will speed up the site and boost load time. WordPress also makes it easy to protect your site against spam. Users can monitor comments and reviews, filter out spam, and keep their websites free of any unwanted material. Many WordPress hosting, security and maintenance related services and tools available online or used by web and marketing agencies to help. 

11. Social Media Integration & Marketing Support

In today’s world, any brand is incomplete without a robust social media presence and audience. WordPress have plugins available for social media integration and sharing. Users can encourage social sharing and inspire reactions, engagements, etc. for blog posts, images, and products. Email marketing and contact form related plugins can help you build your subscriber and emailing list too. 

12. Google & SEO friendly

WordPress is as Google and SEO friendly! Many features and functionalities that can power your website and make it more search engine friendly, thereby ensuring higher ranks and good visibility to your target audience. You can also get SSL certification for your website and add a layer of security and authenticity. This in turn, will further strengthen your website’s image in the eyes of Google.

Some additional important features: 

  • Plugins for sitemap management: Help Google understand the hierarchy of your website pages and files and mark the important ones.
  • Easy permalink management: Easy to structure the permalink and optimize it on WordPress with inbuilt features and settings.
  • SEO plugins: WordPress has many SEO plugins that can help you optimize your website for better ranks, visibility, and traffic.
  • Code-compression: Google hates long unstructured code and considers it as malicious. This is not an issue on WordPress as it has code-compressor plugins that can compress codes from HTML, CSS, JS, etc.

13. Easy Back-ups, Restorations, & Updates

Updates and backups are a part any website longevity. WordPress updates are free and super-easy to implement. It is also easy to manage backups and restore website data. Leave these tasks to the hosting and maintenance services if needed. They can manage regular security checks, install updates, and facilitate regular data backups and one-click restorations. While minor and easy, these can pile up when you are business running the rest of your business. 

14. Strong Knowledge Base, Support & Community

WordPress has a strong and huge global community, free from any monopoly and every user can interact with other users, developers, etc. There are endless forums and communities dedicated to discussions related to WordPress and it is easy to connect with these circles and resolve any issue or query. The internet is also full of ample literature and informative pieces on WordPress. Thus, whether you or a professional maintains your website, they are do not get stuck and can get all the required help for achieving anything on the platform. This can also save on cost. You can resolve issues quickly, instead of having your website down for a long time and hurting profits. 

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