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When do I need Web Maintenance?

When do I need Web Maintenance?

Your website is an essential part of your business, so keeping design, content, and important information up to date is a task to keep track of daily. Digital marketing firms offer to do this for you when it gets too be overwhelming, but when do you truly know when you need to consider using one? Here are signs it is time to purchase web maintenance services: 

  1. Too busy to update content 

It starts with skipping a few days here and there, but next time you go to update photos or blog posts it has been half a year ago. This puts you at a disadvantage for search engines that are prioritizing fresh and informative content for users. 

2. Repairs take more than a quick Google Search 

Something breaks on your website, and you must research for hours to find the answer. It is time to buy web maintenance. When you are busy you don’t have time to fix an error that may accidentally arise when updating. 

3. Template update affects the overall design 

While using a CMS, such as WordPress, is great for easy to update plugins and less need for coding content, when yearly updates to templates come around sometimes it completely ruins the design of your website. You will need a professional to re-align photos and content, update plug-ins, and add custom coding where needed. 

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