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WordPress Development is Constantly Keeping Up to Date

WordPress Development is Constantly Keeping Up to Date

There have been 36 major versions of WordPress released since the platform’s inception.  WordPress’ open-source style development ensures the newest and best-performing plugins and themes. Here are some facts that will help you keep an eye when the next update will happen: 

  • Major versions of WordPress get released every 152 days on the average. 
  • WordPress gets the most of its downloads on Wednesdays, while Fridays are the least popular. 
  • 22% of WordPress sites are running on the latest version of WordPress. 
  • WordPress 5.2 has been downloaded nearly 37 million times already. 
  • WordPress 5.x is used by 58.3% of all WordPress websites, while WordPress 4.x is still used by 39.2%.
  • 56 – the number of official translations of WordPress. 
  • WordPress 4.1 features 394,243 lines of code (96,924 of those lines are comments.). In comparison with the previous major release, 17,599 lines were added. 
  • Around 21% of the whole WordPress code are comments. 

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