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WordPress Builds Community

WordPress Builds Community

The total number of WordCamps (a WordPress event) to ever take place is growing rapidly. As of Feb 27th, 2020, more than 1084 were organized in total all over the globe, held in 76 cities, 65 countries, on 6 continents. This event has around 6,000 speakers in total and around 7,500 total sessions discussing ways to improve the platform. Experts address 2,030,000+ topics on the official WordPress support forum and engage with over 90,000 attendees on what would make the designing and developing website process smoother. This is why, here at Miller Media, we build our websites on the WordPress platform. They constantly engage with users and have a pulse on the latest technology that makes web design easy to create and maintain. While we offer web maintenance services, this platform is also perfect for our clients who want modern function and design while being able to update it themselves after we have created their website. 

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