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Strategies for Designing a Website with High Conversion

Strategies for Designing a Website with High Conversion

Enjoy better ROI in digital marketing and branding by increasing the conversion rate of your website. Here are few strategies to start this process: 

>> Design a Plan

Start off with a main goal for your website. Then list the elements need to achieve this goal. Ask “what functionalities will the site have?”, “how will it visually appear?”, “what micro goals can the site help achieve to reach the main goal? After you answer these questions, create a prototype design informed by the existing data you have about customer needs, location, interaction, and pain point. This will help achieve a great user-friendly design which then leads to high conversion rates. 

>> Eliminate Distractions 

Different areas of your website contain different information requiring various design elements. Make sure these elements are useful and simplistic. Too many details or overly complicated design can distract customers from the message you are trying send and even make the customer abandon your site altogether. If you feel your customer needs to be informed, but there is a lot of content consider breaking it up into a FAQ section, a blog, or a glossary page. 

>> Integrate Social Proof 

Social proof comes in the form of client testimonial and reviews. Feedback creates credibility. Positive testimonials show that your product or service is worth the money your potential new might spend and negative reviews, while not ideal, shows what area you need to focus and fix. These testimonials can come in many formats: video, photos + text form, star systems, etc. Avoid fake reviews, these damage your reputation and lead to fewer conversions. 

>> Improve Content & Readability 

Keep the problem you are trying to solve in mind when creating content. This will help you avoid irrelevant copy that annoys visitors. You can break up content into not only text, but videos, infographics, images, graphics, illustrations, and more. If there is a specific reason you can only use text, make sure it easy to read. 14px is the smallest font size before someone must zoom in and use web friendly fonts. Conversion rates are higher when website is easier to read and understand.

>> Input Customer Feedback System 

Related to social proof, but more interactive, having feedback system strengthens the business customer relationship. Replying to their questions and reviews allows you to gather insights about the customer experience and how to improve their satisfaction. Conversions will continue to increase the more you engage with you current and potential clients. 

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