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SEO and PPC Together the Persuit of Greater Visibility

SEO and PPC Together the Persuit of Greater Visibility

Let’s all agree on some terminology here:

The term Search Engine Marketing (SEM) includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid search (PPC) Pay Per Click management.  In addition, these strategies should be always be considered together for best results.

Many of our clients ask which strategy they should pursue, PPC or SEO? What is the best way to get relevant visitors to click to their website?. The answer is to aggressively pursue both strategies, if you are interested in the greatest return on your investment. The SEO traffic is great when you can get it, but you can’t control the Search Engines. Our recommendation is to always supplement your visibility with a professionally managed paid search marketing campaign.

There are some great benefits of SEO and PPC together, including:

  • Share the keyword data. Information from your PPC campaigns can help you identify your best converting keywords which can be applied to your overall strategy.
  • Converting phrases from PPC may also convert well for your SEO campaign.

If you do run PPC and SEO programs together, monitor them closely to assure positive results from both. Using both programs can enable you to share data between campaigns making both more effective.


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