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How & Why You Must Improve or Remove Your Old Content

How & Why You Must Improve or Remove Your Old Content

Keeping your website content updated is imperative when your goal is to drive traffic, improve search visibility, maintain customer engagement, and convert the audience to paying clients. Search engines such as Google prioritizes easily accessible and useful information. Back in 2016, the web was made up of about 130 trillion individual pages, but the Google Search index contains hundreds of billions of web pages – only a portion of the total pages available on the web. This means any website that has information older than 2016 is at risk of being filtered out or pushed further from the results page. Your business may need to rethink its content marketing strategy if you want to stay relevant. Here are some tips to help you get started: 

  1. Audit Your Content (think purpose, FAQ, etc.)
  2. Evaluate Quality (think mobile-friendly, informative, readability, EAT, etc.) 
  3. Use Metrics (pageviews, links, conversation rate, etc.) 
  4. Re-organize or update existing content you need 
  5. Delete outdated or false information 
  6. Check links & URLs are accurate 
  7. Make sure design element align with tone/brand

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