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How to Affect the Outcome of Google Core Algorithm Updates

How to Affect the Outcome of Google Core Algorithm Updates

Since August 2018, Google has crack down on websites that are categorized as medical, health, financial, news fields, and any sites considers impacting one’s livelihood to help prevent the spread of false information. Having an EAT (expertise, authority, trustworthiness) strategy is now a necessity with Google’s rigorous standards and updates. Human quality raters use Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines to evaluate websites and SERPs. General technical issues are a high priority website fix, considering Google’s Crawl Bots automatedly view glitch sites as untrustworthy. Use Google Search Console’s indexation report and Deep Crawl, there are no shortage of technical fixes to rectify for any type of website. Otherwise, if your website declines after a core update, but works fine here is list to help start the recovery process in other ways: 

  1. Cite your sources & ensure accuracy of claims
  2. Remove, redirect, or refresh short content
  3. Remove duplicate content
  4. Include author bylines, bios, & author pages (List specific credentials & awards)
  5. Maintain off-page reputation by updating your GoogleMyBusiness page, Wikipedia page, & other informational sources
  6. Include testimonials & reviews on-site
  7. Ensure accuracy & sufficient information on social media pages
  8. Improve & expand upon brand informational pages (About us, Contact us, Mission statement) 
  9. Remove overly aggressive or invasive advertising
  10. Offer clear & specific customer service information

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