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Aspects of Web Design to Focus on for High Conversion

Aspects of Web Design to Focus on for High Conversion

Aesthetic features are crucial for a website’s success, but another one of the most critical indicators of a website’s effectiveness is its ability to generate conversions. The higher the percentage of site visitors, the higher your potential conversion rate. Here are areas of design to focus on if you want to create a high converting website: 

?Design & Backend:

Website structure should be mobile-friendly, and desktop enabled. The majority of small business consumers are mobile users so having a responsive website in very important when increasing user engagement. Increased engagement leads to a high conversion rate which leads to improved sales and profits for your businesses. 

?Calls to Action:

Visitors navigate your website with intention. Calls to action act as a guide to the information they need to fulfill that intention. If you want customers to interact with your website, start off with these examples of clear instructions: sign up now, click the link, visit page, learn more, read more, purchase, order now, contact now, work with us.  

?Communication Media:

Images, videos, and podcasts are the most increasingly common ways for business communication. Integrating all three of these forms of media can improve web conversion performance. These media forms are more eye-catching and interactive leading your visitors stay longer on your website which increase the chances of them converting into a customer. 


Ranking on search engines such as Google matters a lot when trying to become more visible and drive engagement. Include on-page and off-page SEO techniques in your design. If you are struggling keeping up with SEO due to algorithm updates, contact an agency to help. Professionals have more time to research and make predictions based on data, that make SEO more effective.

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