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9 Creative Graphic Design Trends For 2022

9 Creative Graphic Design Trends For 2022

Prepare for your future branding, web design, ads, or social media content by observing these 9 graphic design trends: 

  1. 3D Design

Tech and software capabilities are advancing year by year. Many designers are experimenting with 3D illustration and moving away from flat vector illustrations. With 3D illustration you can add depth and dimension. Incorporate this style into animations, typography, photos, and previous flat illustration to create a compelling attention-grabbing graphic for your digital marketing materials. 

2. Maximalism

Oversaturated the senses with bold color combinations, contrasting patterns, layered images, and repeated motifs. This trend leaves little white space with dense design with dramatic detail. Last year minimalism was the popular trend. If your brand relied heavily of minimalism find an agency that performs brand audits to see if you should continue to stick to minimalism or if you should re-brand with maximalism in mind. 

3. Simplified Logos

Many companies are stripping back from excessive detail and complex design elements in their logos. The lack of detail helps to appeal to new audiences, appears approachable, and is easier to apply on many different mediums from packages to websites. Use 2-3 colors max, basic shapes and easy to read text as a staring off point for a new logo.

4. Minimalist Retro

This is trend is perfect for nostalgic brands that rely on magazine or editorial style layouts and interesting packaging. Old-school fonts, muted color palettes, warm tones, soft shadows, and natural textures are elements that give a brand a vintage feel. 

5. Abstract Surrealism

Brands that encourage escape from reality and rely on a futuristic aesthetic fit perfectly with this trend. Fantastical illustration, evocative images, bizarre landscapes, and dream or nightmare-like designs elevate the brand on a whole new level. Apply these items to your digital marketing materials to really pop off. 

6. Dreamy Muted Gradients

Gradients that give off an ethereal fuzzy look and feel use soft pastels and grainy textures. Social media or app logos along with branding and presentation designs rely on these elements for visually pleasing aesthetic that isn’t too overpowering. If your brand wants to give clients a calm laid-back feeling, consider incorporating a gradient into your print and digital marketing material. 

7. Embracing Simplicity

It is always refreshing to go back to the basic simplicity of life. During the pandemic, many people took the time to apricate the small things in their life. Consistent basic geometric shapes, limited color palette, and line art are an excellent choice for classy brands that want to be warm and inviting.

8. Colorful Minimalism

Monochromatic palettes and maximum white space are popular for minimalistic brands that want to add a splash of excitement. Use large blocks of color, giant text, and imagery with spotlights of color. These designs really stand out on Pinterest boards and crowded social media spaces. 

9. Non-Fungible Tokens

While controversial due to its environmental footprint and concerns with copyright, the space for creators and buyers is growing. One step forward to fix the concerns is that NFTs now provide verifiable proof of origin and allow only one person to own them, increasing the artwork value. This good news for creators who worry about their creations being replicated without permission. Keep an eye out for NFTs fixes and plan for marketing projects to become artwork collectables in this space.


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