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5 Ways to Drive Traffic and Sales with Short Videos

5 Ways to Drive Traffic and Sales with Short Videos

Currently, short video content better than traditional long-form content. Short-form videos became popular thanks to social media platforms such as TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts and Snapchat. They are fast-paced, emotional, and engaging. They also can easily be distributed across multiple platforms, and the content style is addicting due to its short nature. Adopting a video marketing strategy that is based on short video content helps you get across your message to them in an effective manner and will be consumed by a wide audience. So how can your company’s brand start to develop a strategy? Here are 5 ways to help you get started:

1. Hire Influencers to Create Short Video Content

Influencers allow you to add a one-on-one human connection element to your brand, this is important considering that people trust people more than they trust brands. These influencers should create educational videos that attract people to your product. Content should be natural, and not overly promotional. You can highlight certain attributes of your product or service but let them craft the appropriate language to address their (and soon to be yours as well) audience to keep the relationship authentic. Share the goal and objectives of your campaign with the influencers to avoid confusion and if possible, provide a brief. Have methods in place that allow you to track ROI of the influencer content, whether that be sales, website visits, signups, or more.

2. Run Ads with Short Video Content

Get more traffic and increase your ROI with short video ads along with gaining more organic traffic. When you use video ads, you’ll be able to get a higher click through rate (CTR). A higher CTR means that more people will be able to click on your ad or watch your video and then they’ll be able to go directly to your website. The most important tip is to create an ad that is both interesting and relevant to your business. These days, natural content seems to work best, so don’t try too hard to sell your product. Instead, let the product sell itself by showing off the most valuable aspects of the product. Short video content gives you more opportunity to capture the attention of an audience as opposed to static photo content when using an ad platform such as Google Ads. Use a catchy hook, have a clear message, and choose the right short video ad format. Short video ad formats come in three categories: 

  • Skippable video ads
  • Interactive video ads
  • In-stream video ads

A few things that make video ads particularly great are captions and fast cuts,these are both great ways to retain the attention of the viewer so that they watch the ad all the way through. 

3. Ask Your Customers to Create Short Video Content

Testimonials tap into a deeply rooted psychological bias where we trust the opinion of people we know. A study by MarketingSherpa found that customers were willing to spend up to 30% more on a product after reading positive reviews. Another study found that customers were willing to spend 43% more when they were provided testimonials. Video testimonials are a powerful way to get your customers to speak up on your behalf. 94% of customers trust word-of-mouth referrals and 92% are more likely to trust a local business with a customer review. Testimonials are easy enough to make for your customers because all they would need is some sort of video recording device and the ability ‍to send the footage over to you. Video testimonials are the next best thing to a customer recommendation. The greatest benefit of video testimonials is that they build trust and credibility for your business. 

4. Add Short Video Testimonials & Product Videos to Your Website

Adding the short videos that you create to your website is a must when building a video marketing strategy. Customers browsing around your website with questions or objections they have about your products might change their minds with a positive video testimonial. Explainer videos on the homepage of your website help reduce the burden on consumers of having to navigate to different sections of your website to learn about your product. The easier you make it for potential customers to learn about your product, the better it is. Do some off-page SEO with a short video formatted as a TikTok, Instagram Reel or YouTube Short, you can easily answer most common questions or objections in less than 60 seconds. This also will help you spread brand awareness. 

5. Repost Your Short Video Content to all Social Media Platforms 

Publishing new content and breaking up old long-form content will improve your entire video marketing program’s ROI. When you post a piece of short video content on TikTok, download the original and post it on YouTube shorts and Instagram Reels as well. Slice it up into smaller clips and use it as an ad creative. Find creative ways to re-use your short video content. This will bring in a lot of traffic and conversions to your company blog or product page. Include re-shares links so that others can share your ad. Lean into more word-to-mouth advertising and brand trust. 

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