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10 Common Myths About Content Marketing

10 Common Myths About Content Marketing

Content marketing is currently undervalued and misunderstood among the business world. Often companies’ use only a blog, but there are many ways to include content in marketing strategies.  Your goal with content should be to help your users. When you give valuable information, you get a lot in return (potential client or loyal follower). Here are 10 myths about content marketing to remove from your mind in order to create a successful marketing campaign: 

  1. Content Must Be Promotional 
  2. Everyone is a Content Creator 
  3. Videos are Only for Big-Budget Business
  4. Focus on Creation over Discoverability 
  5. Followers & Likes are Metrics of Success 
  6. Branding can be Done Later 
  7. Longer Content is Always Better
  8. Content Marketing & Link Building are the same
  9. It’s Crucial to Run Paid Ads 
  10. Going Viral is Crucial for Success 

Time to start a long-term marketing strategy! The efforts you put in today will reap its benefits in the future. Call 248.528.3600. 

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