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Top Web Design & UI Trends for 2022

Top Web Design & UI Trends for 2022

Design trends can enhance the user interface design of your website. Pay attention to what’s trending now so that you don’t end up with a design that falls out of style quickly. You want loyal consumers and potential new clients to believe you communicate effectively by keeping your information up-to-date and your website fresh and modern. Here are the top trends for 2022 to consider incorporating:  

⚡Fun, Optimistic Designs 

Unique or abstract shapes & colors with images of people happy or hopeful. This is much needed during the pandemic where depression is on the rise. Lighter typefaces and interesting fonts as opposed to dark and bold fonts can also help create a sense of positive emotions. 

⚡Black & White Color Schemes 

Doesn’t this contradict the first point? Kind of, the first point applies to many businesses, but if your business sells something serious the first point may be inappropriate. Black & White color schemes can create stark beautiful designs without overwhelming your audience. Adding subtle liquid animation on the hover can create a sense of calm and encourage interactivity. 

⚡Bold & Experimental Typography   

This trend is more popular in fashion and magazine businesses. Large serif and san serif fonts create impact. Experimental fonts can also allow you to be unique and stand out from other similar businesses. Add animation or flex options to create a more dynamic feel to your web design. With this trend make sure you test on mobile, not all experiment fonts translate. You may have to play with characters and font colors.

⚡Oversized Pointers 

When you move your mouse or trackpad the pointer grows over clickable elements of your website. These are like magnifying glass that gives your audience a sense of discovery and encourages them to look at your whole website. 

⚡Three-Dimensional Design Elements 

Real-estate, architectural, and businesses selling products are adding a 3D flair to their websites. Shadows, animations, and layer effects or combining all three are ways to add a multidimensional look to your website. Adding videos with model renders or photo illustrations can also help you tell a story. 

⚡Almost Brutalism 

Brutalism by itself can be too overwhelming for some websites but adding a lighter edge easier-on-the-eyes serif or sans serif font can soften the otherwise harsh “yelling” feeling it usually gives. The text carries the design with minimal visuals and colors, so make sure ample space is between elements to keep it legible. 

⚡Scrolling Text Elements

Readability is important, but there is no reason why they can’t be dynamic as well. Short calls-to-action, keywords, or phrases with oversized fonts scrolling slowly left to right can create visual interest. It can also allow your audience to stay on your website longer as to read what the whole word or phrase says. This reduces bounce rate which is great for SEO purposes. 


Corporate websites or perfume businesses may want to consider this look.  By adding transparency, frostiness, or glossiness that look reminiscent of glass to elements on your website you can create a clean style.

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