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Tips to create eye-catching product pages for your online store

Tips to create eye-catching product pages for your online store

The internet allows for a huge marketplace, making it hard to stand out when you own an online shop. Websites and apps that stand out and manage to get the attention of potential customers are the best way to compete with big brands. You want your product pages to have these important elements: 

✅ Product name

✅ Product images and/or videos

✅ Product description & specifications

✅ Pricing and delivery related information

✅ Customer ratings, reviews, photos, videos, etc.

✅ Alternate product options (color, size, etc.)

✅ Related or recommended product options

✅ FAQs and other detailed information

A study by Salsify found that around 70% online buyers agreed that they had abandoned product pages on a retailer’s site because there wasn’t enough information. When designed correctly you attract more clients that complete sales and drive high conversion rates. Here are 10 additional tips to design a successful product page:

  1. Ensure easy navigation & discovery 
  2. De-clutter & clean the page design
  3. Add responsive & high-quality media
  4. Pick a captivating color palette & typeface
  5. Use smart & obvious calls to action 
  6. Add details that matter & motivate 
  7. Suggest relevant products
  8. Add multiple proofs of confidence 
  9. Allure with discounts & deals 
  10. Extend assistance to help customers

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