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SEO & PPC (Search Marketing) A Winning Combination

SEO & PPC (Search Marketing) A Winning Combination

The movement toward an integrated SEO strategy aligned with the rest of your PPC (Search Marketing) effort is a goal that we are hearing alot about these days. The goal is to achieve multiple paths to your website content with organic and paid search strategies. Once you set the foundation, there’s the need for continuous optimization through testing and ongoing refinement of your website & ppc program.

SEO and PPC campaigns are really different animals and must be managed separately. With paid search, you’re postion is based on the ad copy, quality score, your messaging and even the way you organize the campaign. PPC is all about keyword quality, management and organization.

SEO is a separate channel, but it’s an integrated channel. There is the common misconception that if you get good organic results you can drop your PPC campaign. It’s been shown that, if you have top organic listings and top paid listings, both enhance your brand perception, it is targeted, it is effective and it is accountable.

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