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Google Search Results & Features You Need to Know

Google Search Results & Features You Need to Know

There are multiple search features beyond organic search results including Google Ads, People Also Ask, knowledge panels, top stories, and videos. According to Semrush Sensor, most SERPs have at least one of these features. In the U.S., only 2.34% of desktop SERPs do not have a feature. Translation, 2.34% of SERPs only list the top 10 organic search results on the page without ads, knowledge panels, local packs, etc. Here are the topmost looked at SERP feature seen on Google:


Over 66% of SERPs in the U.S. are sitelinks. Sitelinks are links that will allow search users to find specific content beyond the homepage. Google displays a sitelink search box followed by four sitelinks to popular pages. 

People Also Ask:

This feature can appear anywhere on a SERP. It typically displays 5 of the top questions asked about a search query. When someone clicks on a question under the “People Also Ask” section, it will display the answer to the question, along with a link to the source for the answer. It will also automatically generate additional questions related to the one the user just clicked.


You see in the ratings in the local pack for local business reviews. The stars you see in shopping ads. Google may also display star ratings and review counts within organic search results.


When Google anticipates that a search query would best be answered visually, they use the images feature. This feature can appear anywhere throughout the SERP. When clicked upon, the link goes to Google image search results for the query with additional details about the image clicked.


Like the image feature, the video feature of SERPs can appear anywhere throughout the page. Google displays a section of videos from YouTube after four ads, a featured snippet, People Also Ask, and five organic search results.

Knowledge Panels:

Knowledge panels are automatically generated boxes of useful information, compiled from various sources around the internet by the Knowledge Graph. They generally appear on the right side of search results.

Local Packs:

When there are local results that match your search query, you may see them appear in a local pack. Listings in a local pack typically appear with reviews, an address, and hours of operation. According to the Local Pack-O-Meter, 35.7% of approximately 60 million search queries in the U.S. contained a local pack in March of 2022. Over the past year, it has fluctuated from 33% to 33.9%. If you have a local business this feature is extremely important to you. 

Featured Snippets:

Featured snippets generally appear at the top of SERPs, offering a portion of content from one of the top organic search results for a particular query. For example, a search for [how to update my WordPress website] may generate a featured snippet with a video from YouTube that answers the query. Other formats of featured snippets include numbered or bulleted lists. Featured snippets sometimes fall below Google Ads for certain search queries and can also come in table format. 

Google Ads: 

Sponsored results from advertisers using Google Ads may appear at the top and bottom of SERPs. After organic listings, a People Also Ask section, and top stories, Google displays an additional three ads, followed by related searches.

Shopping Ads:

In addition to standard text ads, Google also offers retailers the ability to create shopping ads for their products. Shopping ads often display the name of the product, price, retailer, and product rating.


Carousels generally appear at the top of SERPs, offering fast answers to the search query.

For example, a search for [computers] results in a carousel of images with the most popular computer brands that other Google users search for.

Instant Answers: 

Instant Answers is a search feature Google uses to display answers to a search user’s query at the top of the SERP. Google may also provide instant answers at the top of SERPs for the following types of queries:

  • Weather.
  • Movie locations.
  • Calculator.
  • Translating a word or phrase.
  • Calculating the number of days until a specific date or upcoming holiday.
  • Finding out the score of a recent sports game.
  • Determining the age of someone based on their birthdate.
  • Getting the dates to popular events, like conventions and festivals.
  • Seeing the current share price and market summary for popular stocks.

Top Stories:

If a search query has related news stories, Google may display a section of top stories from media outlets. In this SERP for MacBook, Google displays the top stories after shopping ads, organic results, People Also Ask, and more shopping results.


A small percentage of SERPs will feature tweets relevant to the search query. After the first organic search result and a people also ask section, the latest tweets from your official Twitter account appear.


Google search users on mobile devices may see features that are only available on mobile. Google displays apps from the Apple store after three ads and a list of apps from sources across the web.

Product Comparisons: 

Google can take product information and display it in search results for users looking to compare products. You can see a side-by-side list of the product images, reviews, price, and additional details. When search users click on the detailed comparison link, Google displays additional details about the products compared, along with the option to add additional products for comparison when relevant.

Top Products:

Unlike shopping ads, the top products feature showcases unadvertised products related to a search query. When you click on a product, additional details about the product appear. Google displays reviews from third-party sites, prices from multiple retailers, top insights from media outlets, and reviews from multiple retailers.


Google helps job seekers by aggregating jobs from various sources across the web and displaying them within SERPs for queries like [jobs near me].

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