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Elements of a Good Website Design

Elements of a Good Website Design

What makes a web design good vs bad? This information is imperative for businesses, especially small businesses, trying to compete and build EAT (expertise, authority, trustworthiness) for Google’s algorithm. Essential elements to focus on:

Visual Look: 

User expectations are high. Any graphics that look dated (not to be confused with nostalgia era style) leaves a negative impression or an implication that your info is dated. This can lead to your business being skipped in their decision-making process. Keep up with visual trends and if you have a hard time determining how to incorporate the current trends, consult with a professional designer or digital marketing agency for help.


Function and readability are very important when it comes to the navigation of your website. The navigation should act as a guide for users. They need to know where to find the correct information. Create a sitemap or have a professional create one for you highlighting which keywords lead to which page of your website.

? Intuitiveness:

This is where you must peer into the future a bit and anticipate your users’ needs. Place call-to-actions strategically throughout your website. These buttons or links are especially important when it comes to new visitors. This will help guide the sale if they are unsure upon arrival. 

? Branding:

Visual content and written content must be cohesive. Your brand is your business’ voice, image, and reputation. Let your website tell a story. Include compelling graphics about how your product was discovered and made or how your service works and the satisfying results. If you have client ratings or testimonials, include them on your website. Also, don’t be afraid to include your worst ratings and include a “how we are fixing that” section.

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