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Domain Listings Billing Scam

Domain Listings Billing Scam

SCAM ALERT! A company named “Domain Listings” ( is sending out misleading “Annual Website Domain Listing” invoices to domain name owners via postal/paper mail. Look at the red circled area on the photo provided. These are not real bills. This bill has nothing to do with your domain name registration or services with Miller Media. They are trying to sell you a “listing on an internet directory”, but that service is useless. You DO NOT have to pay for basic search engine listings in Google, Bing, or any other reputable search engine. 

How did the scammers get your postal address? They got your address from public records, or a “contact” form you put in on your website. We absolutely DO NOT share your address with them. We have also received fake notices and are taking the time to alert everyone now. 

What should you do if you did receive this fake invoice? First and most important DO NOT pay this fake company or any company that sends you an unsolicited invoice for search engine services. Secondly, pass the warning on to your accounting department or person in charge of your invoices to sure they are aware that it is fake. Finally, if you are in the United States, file a complaint with the FTC and/or your state’s Attorney’s General. 

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