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3 Simple Ways to Maximize Your User Research

3 Simple Ways to Maximize Your User Research

How can you create great products or services for you users? Incorporate great UX and UI principles into your marketing strategy to create a great user experience. Also use quantitative and qualitative research to help determine your target audience and what type of ad experience will draw them to your business. 3 additional unique ways to maximize your user research are:

  1. Test Designs with Actual Users 

Build prototypes for products or test links of websites and social media posts that you can interact with and test the useability of the project. Recruit a small amount of people that resemble your target market. For example, you can test with new sign-ups, trial vs. paid users, and a variety of demographics based on user personas you created. 

2. Learn How Designs Land with Users in the Landscape

Once your digital or physical product is developed or coded out, you are not done. Send out a survey to your users in-context to keep track of how to improve ease of use, reduce friction, and identify what changes need to happen. Collect feedback and allow your marketing team to create hyper-specific ads relevant to your target audience. They should investigate specific user groups at critical points in their customer journey. Some questions you might consider including in a survey:

  • How would you interact with [website, product, or social post]?
  • What did you find most/least important/challenging about this?
  • Are there any things you would change/add/remove to make this more useful to you?
  • Did you encounter anything unexpected or surprising?
  • On a scale of 1–5, how [goal] was this feature?

3. Automate Your Efforts

Between spending hours conducting and reviewing interview notes or transcribing video feedback into remotely usable snippets of information, user research can be a thoroughly draining process. Have an automated analysis of test and survey results so you can get more user feedback without more of the tedious stuff. Look for automations for email, contact forms, and subscriber boxes in a content management system as well. This will help declutter the research process with small tasks. 

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