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26 Unique Social Media Post Ideas for Your Marketing Strategy

26 Unique Social Media Post Ideas for Your Marketing Strategy

Coming up with interesting business posts to attract new customers and keep loyal customers can be frustrating. Here are 26 post ideas that will help keep your feed interesting as well as keep the client relationship strong: 

1. Host a Twitter Chat

2. Ask for Customer Feedback

3. How-to Videos

4. Product Reviews

5. Moving Images or Videos of Your Product

6. Twitter Q&A Sessions

7. Music Playlists

8. User-Generated Content

9. Your Company History

10. Company News Announcements

11. Create a Regular Series

12. Repurpose Blog Graphics

13. Share Other How-to Videos (not made by you)

14. Share Your Company’s Financial Earnings

15. Share a Case Study on One of Your Customers

16. Share a Survey

17. Promote a New Product or Event

18. Share a Fill-in-the-Blank Post

19. Share a Statistic

20. Reshare Your Top Performing Posts

21. Promote Your Partners

22. Share Some Interesting Industry Research

23. Share News Roundups

24. Preview a New Product or Event (like a sneak peek) 

25. Get Creative with Emojis

26. Give Away Something Free

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