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Use Pain-Point SEO Strategy to Drive Conversions 

Use Pain-Point SEO Strategy to Drive Conversions 

If you have business goals that are set up in Google Analytics, and you are measuring product or service conversions that come directly from content, then most of your first click and last click conversions probably comes from a few blog posts. It is rare that the posts with the highest volume of traffic, have the highest volume of conversions. Pain Point SEO develops a strategy that prioritizes content ideas around high-intent keywords over high-volume keywords with the goal of driving conversions. This will help your business generate more leads that are more likely to become clients vs traditional SEO practices that focus on high web traffic numbers. 


Take a Different Approach to Keyword Search

Many marketers take a keyword-first approach to content marketing. They often focus on what keywords to target based on which keywords have the highest volume that has traffic potential and which ones are easiest to rank for with low competition. However, this is strategy is not practical in the long run. It is better to focus on your target’s pain-point and build your keywords around that. Here are 5 ways to help you get started research and coming up with ideas for content:

1. Comparison posts – Compare your product or service to your top competitors.

2. Best product or service lists – Searchers discover the best products or services in the category they are searching for. Make your content quality is worthy to appear in said category.

3. Alternatives to ‘suggested product/service’ – Searchers discover alternatives to your competitors’ products or services. Make sure to show up as an alternative to other like yours. Think about a feature you have that other don’t.  

4. Articles that talk about pricing – Write about the pricing of your own product or service, even if you have it hidden. You can point out ranges and compare to your competitors.

5. Product or Service use cases – Searchers figure out how to solve a problem they have and presents your product or service as a potential solution.


Ask Directly to Identify Conversion Focused SEO Topics to Write About

If you are stuck, sometimes it is best to ask your target audience directly. Social media, email surveys, phone calls, and in-person and virtual interviews are great ways to get the answers you seek. Here are 5 questions you can ask to get to know your customer and gain essential SEO keywords to boost your content:  

1. What was the problem you were looking to solve before stumbling across our product or service?

2. If our product/service were no longer to exist, what product/service would you use as an alternative?

3. How would you describe our product/service to a friend who knew nothing about us?

4. What are the top 3 benefits that you receive from our product/service?

5. If you were to research our product or service, what would you search for?

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