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TikTok Stories & How to Use Them

TikTok Stories & How to Use Them

Similar to other platforms like Instagram or YouTube, TikTok Stories are videos or photos that disappear after 24 hours. However, the main difference is that users can publicly comment on TikTok stories like they when they engage with regular TikTok content. Rather than a private list of story views and replies, TikTok Stories will show comments on the story itself. Brands and content creators on the app can now have more engagement and two-way conversations with their audience or potential clients. 

How to Create & Watch a TikTok Story:

  1. Tap the camera button as you would to create a regular TikTok. 
  2. Either record videos on the spot or upload photos and videos from your camera roll.
  3. Personalize your content with TikTok’s tools like sounds, effects, text, or stickers.
  4. Tap the “Post to Story” button. 

A blue ring around will appear around your profile picture, and you can press on your profile picture to view their story. They will also show up on the For You Page and will have a small blue “Story” button in the bottom left corner. TikTok is known for scrolling up and down, whereas Stories require scrolling across. 

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