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SEO: Content, Connections and Continuity of Experience

SEO: Content, Connections and Continuity of Experience


SEO is about optimizing websites, but far more importantly, it is about enhancing and improving the broader Web presence and the user experience itself so that enterprises (businesses like yours) are seen as relevant to, and favorable for, a prospective audience/user’s query (the terms and phrases they use) when using one of the popular search engines. That was somewhat of a long-winded definition of search engine optimization, so let’s simplify and in the process clarify what those responsible for the practice of SEO engage in and the type of initiatives they routinely embark upon.

SEO is about building a website presence and maintaining an online reputation that results in being awarded or assigned a position on the search results pages that is favorable to brand objectives.

As previously mentioned, search engine optimization requires a balance between the technical and the creative (with a virtual eye toward the quality of the user experience of course). Enterprises that understand this fundamental realization are those which, on the whole, experience the greatest level of success.


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