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How to Sell on Instagram

How to Sell on Instagram

Instagram is 1 of the biggest social platforms in the world. With over a billion users, your target audience is not casually browsing the app, but using it to shop. Here are 11 tips and social commerce examples on how to create brand trust and showcase your product or service to help you stand out from the competition. 

  1. Ensure Your Account is a “Business” Account 

Business accounts have features that make marketing easier: audience insights, options to add more valuable info to help potential clients find or contact outside the app, and the ability to promote posts that reach more people on top of SEO practices.


2. Double Check Your Branding

Branding on all social media channels including Instagram should be consistent. Keep presence recognizable and memorable. For example, maybe all you post have your logo in a certain corner. Make sure your profile picture, style of posts and bio look like they belong to the same company.


3. Stay Consistent & Provide Value

Post regularly, whether it is a static or carousel post in addition to Reels and Stories. Try to avoid overly sales-y posts. This turns many people off or could come off as a scam. Showcase the value of the product or service will provide for the potential buyer. You can include links to buy, but make sure they fit organically. Audience engagement builds trust. Reply to comments and questions in the comment section of posts. 


4. Create High-Quality Posts

What does high-quality posts look like? Have high-quality high-resolution imagery that blends with the vibe or feeling of your brand. Make sure the information contained on the post image itself and in the description is valuable and relevant to your industry or give your audience something to think about. 


5. Post Reels Addressing Pain Points 

Specifically address the problem your potential client may have and have your product provide the solution which you can link in your bio and mention in the Reel itself or the caption. Skincare companies are excellent examples if you need an idea of how to create Reel content,


6. Use “Link in Bio” Strategically 

Instead of linking to the home page of your website, link to a targeted landing page where customers purchase said specific item. Add calls-to-actions to your “link in bio” on static posts. An example is to say something like this: “Discover more through the link in our bio.”


7. Link to Products/Services in Stories 

Stories allows you to directly link to your product or services with a sticker. Use it to show off your product directly with your camera or tell a short story of success a client had using your service, then add the sticker right on top pointing directly to page you want them to go to. Add additional stickers that draw attention or entice people to click, be careful not to add to much. 


8. Save Stories to Highlights 

Any product or service that sells well you can save as a Story Highlight. Make sure the content is clear and customers can easily identify which product/services is which. These will stay connected to you profile instead of disappearing.


9. Promote Posts Featuring Products/Services

Promoting (sometimes called boosting) a post is a way of creating an Instagram ad. As an ad it will gain more visibility which is great for lead generation. Don’t overuse this feature, only promote posts with the best engagement. 


10. Use Hashtags wisely

For your business to be discovered, research hashtags that are relevant to industry, target demographics, and customers’ needs. Tag the hashtags to posts, Stories, and Reels accordingly. 


11. Sell with Instagram Shopping 

Not many know that you can enroll and connect your online store to Instagram. Create a “Shop” on the app and link directly to your products/services in your shop in posts, Reels, and Stories. 


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