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How Social Media Trends Can Influence Your SEO

How Social Media Trends Can Influence Your SEO

Social media trends provide a fantastic opportunity to spread brand awareness and grow an audience. But did you know it can also boost your search engine results and drive traffic and sales to your website. It is time to include social media trends in your digital marketing strategy. Not convinced? Here is an example of a company that benefited from going viral on social media:

According to Google Trends, Little Moons mochi ice-cream exploded in popularity in January 2021. This was due to the organic, mid-lockdown viral trend prompted by a couple of TikTok creators. Thousands of people were searching for Little Moons-themed videos and trying their products, which in turn generated over 500 million views. They became the most sought-after ice-cream in the UK and their sales sky-rocketed to 2,000%. At the height of their virality, their products, brand, related unbranded videos, as well as retail searches on Google increase exponentially. The drastic drop occurred when the trend died out. By tapping into influencer marketing and starting new trends, they reached a new audience they would have not been sticking to typical SEO practices. 

If possible, it is best to combine typical SEO practices with social media trends, but this can be a lot of work. If you need help developing a marketing strategy, call 248.528.3600.

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