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Google to tag websites that download SLOW!

Google to tag websites that download SLOW!

Is it the web page that’s slow or is it your network connection? 
In the future, Google’s Chrome web browser may have an answer for you. Google announced today a plan to identify and label websites that typically load slowly by way of clear badging. (see above)

In the long-term, Chrome’s goal will be to identify and badge websites offering “high-quality” experiences, which may include other factors beyond just the website’s speed. However, the goal will be to make these “good user experiences” something any quality web developer can achieve.

A faster, more user friendly web benefits Google, as it helps the company cater to its primarily mobile users. Since 2015, the majority of Google users start their searches from mobile devices. But that shift has required new ways of indexing and ranking pages and serving users whose connection speeds vary and who may not have powerful devices.

Google now indexes website using mobile first technology when indexing its pages, and it offers fast AMP pages to help mobile users get to information more quickly. It makes sense that a next step would be to nudge site owners themselves to speed things up or risk getting labeled as a “slow” website.

Speed has been one of Chrome’s core principles since the beginning – constantly working to give users an experience that is instant as they browse the web. We have all visited web pages we thought would load fast, only to be met by an experience that could have been better.

We have always believed that user experience should be important and always evolving. Having a stale outdated slow website is no longer an option. “The web can do better.” a philosophy that we stand behind with Google.

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