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Combat a Negative SEO Campaign Against Your Website

Combat a Negative SEO Campaign Against Your Website

Minimize damage and prevent future negative SEO campaigns against your website and business. First, create a list of the new backlinks you need to remove. Track all the backlinks of your website, then check the new ones and their domain authority. If any backlinks loo suspicious write it down. After that reach out to the Link Webmaster and request the link to be removed. Go to the linking website and check for the email on their contact page. If you can’t find it, look up the domain owner using the free tool Whois. Send them an email requesting that they don’t link to your website. Assuming this fails as the spammer intentionally linked to your website, create a Disavow list. Google Search Console has a Disavow Tool. You may have a manual penalty from Google for unnatural links to your site from the negative SEO spammers. This tool is helpful, especially if any of your previous attempts to contact the owners of the websites, but have been unsuccessful. 

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