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Benefits of local SEO & tips for improvement

Benefits of local SEO & tips for improvement

Attention local businesses! If you are not implementing local SEO. Here are some benefits you are missing out on: 

⭐️Increased organic traffic

⭐️More relevant traffic

⭐️Reduced ad costs

⭐️Higher website authority

⭐️More customer reviews

⭐️Increased brand awareness & trust

⭐️More localized backlinks

⭐️Improved social signals

⭐️Better website experience for users


SEO tips to implement to help boost your ranking: 

  1. Claim & optimize your Google Business Profile 
  2. Use local keyword research 
  3. Optimize local landing pages
  4. Get local citations & links
  5. Reclaim lost links
  6. Get more reviews 
  7. Get featured on local list posts
  8. Keep your website regularly maintained 

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