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4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website’s SEO

4 Easy Ways to Improve Your Website’s SEO

As a business, it is important that your website generates leads, attract more visitors, and moves up Google’s search result rankings. Here are 4 simple ways to help you get start on improving the SEO of your website to accomplish these goals:

  1. Edit Your Page Titles

Website builders, such as WordPress tend to auto-generate page titles that can be clunky or hard to read. Do basic keyword research and edit your page titles in CMS based on the keywords. For example, you are a wedding dress business in Michigan. Instead of the generated “Wedding Dress Michigan”, replace the title with “Best Wedding Dresses in Michigan for Modern Brides”. It addresses your target audience (brides who want a modern dress) and it distinguishes you from the basic titles on Google’s SERPs page. 

2. Create Custom Meta Description 

Include a main keyword you want to rank for along with information about your business, what you do, and who you serve. Think of it is as a mini summery or preview of what the rest of your website will contain. Do not copy & paste descriptions. Tailor description based of different goals your webpage helps accomplish. Using the previous wedding example, a description may sound like “Based in Detroit MI, we create stunning and sleek wedding dresses for modern brides who want their wedding day to be elegant and refined.”  This description as content to the tile and will benefit for local SEO as well as general SEO. 

3. Add Alt Tags to Your Images

This task often goes unaddressed, which leads to many businesses missing out its SEO benefits. When you upload your photo onto your website’s CMS there is a description box, that is your alt tag or alt text. Add a sentence of what is going on in the photo. Visually impaired visitors can better understand what is on the page when visit. Googlebot also loves the added content when it crawls your website. Avoid keyword stuffing as it can come off as complicated for bots to crawl and text reader to understand.

4. Put Keywords into Your Blog Post URLs

When visitors of your home page and clicks the “read more” button of an article you posted, it redirects you to the blog post. The blog URL looks like this: A good title should be short and easy to read. It does not need to over explain on what the article is about. Including a target keyword in the title so Googlebot knows what to crawl for. If you need to change old URLs, make sure you redirect the link via redirect link feature in CMS or website source code. 

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