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Why your website needs an update NOW.

Why your website needs an update NOW.

Gone are the days when it was sufficient to just own a website. Users are way more savvy and picky these days, with all the information available, and so many brands and businesses competing for their attention its easy to get lost amongst your competition. It’s imperative that you maintain and keep your website fresh and in line with recent design trends, mobile technology and search engine algorithms.

Not sure whether your current website needs a facelift? Check out the following reasons why your website may need a revamp (listed in no particular order).

1. It’s not memorable & doesn’t stand out

2. It Doesn’t Reflect Your Brand

3. You’re Not Attracting the Right Clients

4. Outdated Look & Technology?

5. Is it Mobile Friendly?

6. Does Your Website Load Slow?

7. Is Your Website Secure? Do you have an SSL?

8. Does your website appear under your specific keywords?

9. Is it easy for your potential client to contact you?

Think about the reason you got a website in the first place. It exists to promote your work, help customers get to know you as a brand and creative personality, as well as get them excited to work with you!

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