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Tips on Creating an Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

Tips on Creating an Effective Influencer Marketing Campaign

For a social media campaign to viral it is best to work with influencer within your niche. Your campaign will gain that initial momentum when starting to trend, gaining views, developing organic content, searches, and clicks to your website. If you have never participated in influencer marketing before, here are some starting tips:

 ?Define Goal & Target Audience

It may be seductive to choose an influencer solely based on popularity, but this can backfire if their audience has no interest or use for product or service. Find influencers with similar demographics as your target audience and determine if your goal is to educate, inform, or sell you product or service. Make sure the influencer provides a link somewhere easily found. 

❌Avoid One-Off Collaborations 

While trends can be useful, if the influencer does not regularly mention your brand it can be forgotten. One-time collaborations are not enough, make sure they can organically fit your product or service into their content for the long-term. 

?Work with a Range of Influencers

Surprisingly, most influencers do not share the same fan base even if they are in the same niche. Don’t be afraid to pick several different influencers for your campaign. You may even tap into different audiences and increase your campaign’s reach. Small-sized creators can be a great as well because engagement rate is higher, and their audience tends to share a deeper connection. 

?Give Influencers Creative Control 

Have too polished of a script can come off as inauthentic. Give an open-ended brief and then, let them tailor it to their personal brand. You can provide guidelines on what you want communicated, but you want them to be able to come back to you with ideas. Avoid sounding like a blatant ad. It is better is the collaboration comes off as organic, not force. 

?Start a Social Media Challenge 

This can be a fun demonstration of your product or service and a good way to start a trend if you can’t find one to latch onto. Also starting a challenge builds community and encourages people to participate before missing out. Take Chipotle and their 2020 Cinco de Mayo deal promotion. They started #LidFlip challenge of Tik Tok. Not only did it boost brand awareness, but it generated 700,000 views and potential new customers. 

?Be Prepared for Influx of Searches & Purchases 

Make sure your landing web pages are optimized to handle the incoming search and web traffic. Also make sure to have enough product in stock if you are selling physical items. This is to be done BEFORE you go live as to not interfere with the user experience. 

?Support Influencer Marketing with Paid Advertising 

Run UGC ads on your brand social accounts along your influencer campaign. It will add further momentum and exposer. It will also give the audience a reminder to click on the available link to your product or service. 

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