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The Unstoppable Power of WordPress

The Unstoppable Power of WordPress

WordPress is perfect for businesses looking to gain the most flexibility, power, and affordability in their website. The problem with other paid platforms such as SquareSpace or Shopify is inevitably you need to do something that should be simple and straightforward, but the platform itself doesn’t support it. A lot of code editing abilities are restricted causing limitations of what you can add or not add to your website. Also, if you unintentionally violate their terms of service, your website can be taken down and removed completely and there’s nothing you can do about it. The cost of convenience is enormous. Custom development may not be the best option either, especially if you’re a small business. It is expensive to create and maintain and is not easy for a non-technical content creator to interact with. 

WordPress, on the other hand, powers 40% of websites on the internet and many software build an integration with WordPress directly. With WordPress being so popular, most professional designers, developers, content managers, social media strategists, and admin assistants are at least acquainted with WordPress or can find easy and affordable to find courses and training. It is also open source which means you can download a copy of WordPress and install it on your server. This along with new features are all JavaScript, while also using the classic PHP ensure it in up to date with new tech without complete alienating classic tech. Optimizations are incredibly easy to implement, from SEO to hosting, with a “one-click” install and configuration option. It does this without high monthly fees, development costs or limitations.

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