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The Best Types of Instagram Posts for Engagement

The Best Types of Instagram Posts for Engagement

Experts from the LaterBlog analyzed over 81M Instagram feed posts (excluding Reels) to find out which type of Instagram performs best: single images to carousel posts, to videos. They found that carousel posts have the highest average engagement rate of all feed post types and images have a slightly higher average engagement rate than video feed posts. Instagram has made Reels a major priority to compete with TikTok, and as such, other post types have had average engagement rates have dropped. It’s time to pivot by trying these techniques:

  • Reels

Think about how you can translate your usual content into this format. To start try layering several images or Stories in time to a trending audio track. 

  • User-generated content

Turn on your camera on your phone and think about how you can leverage your community. Get permission before you share and put a spotlight on some of your most loyal customers. This will also strength brand loyalty, authenticity, and trust. 

  • Get personal and invest in storytelling

Traditional feed posts may not perform as well as they once did, but they’re not completely ignored. Use your captions to build connections and encourage engagement. By sharing relatable photos, carousels, and video posts, you create a more personal touch to your company’s brand. 

Why Are Instagram Carousel Posts the Best Type of Feed Posts for Engagement? First, time spent is an indicator for Instagram’s algorithm. Users spend more time scrolling through a carousel post than a single photo. Second, carousel posts often surface in users’ feeds more than once, doubling (or tripling) the opportunity for likes, comments, and shares. The format lends itself to sharing more authentic and personable snapshots which can also be more engaging than a static image or aesthetic video.

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