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SEO & PPC. Why you need both.

SEO & PPC. Why you need both.

For years, people in this industry debated the merits of paid search advertising (PPC, Pay-Per-Click) versus organic search marketing (SEO, Search Engine Optimization).

Which was better?

Which one should you put your resources into?

Honestly, I thought we’d settled this argument a long time ago:

You need both! Duh!

But recently, the topic came up again amongst some of my clients.

I can see why. If you weren’t part of the original discussion, this conclusion might not seem so obvious.

Therefore, allow me to use this article to express a few forgotten truths in the SEO versus PPC debate.

1. Paid Search Can’t Replace Organic (& Vice Versa)

2. Neither SEO nor PPC Is Free

3. It’s Not a Zero-Sum Game

4. Statistics Can Be Deceiving

5. Look Beyond Traffic to Leads & Conversions

SEO or PPC? Choose Both!

When people ask whether they should choose SEO or PPC, make the argument that they shouldn’t make a choice at all.

Because neither is a substitute for the other.

And when you harness them together, you get the best of both.

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