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No matter which industry you’re in, keeping in touch with your clients is crucial in the execution of a successful digital marketing strategy. But even those with the best of intentions can sometimes come off a bit scary thanks to a few common marketing pitfalls.

Which monster most resembles your marketing strategy style.


Are you haunting your clients with too many emails, phone calls or letters? We understand the impulse — after all, staying in touch with your clients after a completed transaction will keep you from blindsiding them with communication when you’re ready to ask for their business or for referrals. However, we’ve all hit the unsubscribe button when a company sends us too many emails. 

Don’t get GHOSTED.


Hey there, bloodsucker. While your intentions may be in the right place, if you’re reaching out to your clients with only information about you or your company, you’re probably sending the wrong message. 

Wake up vampire its not all about you.


Are you still sending snail mail? If so you might be wrapped up in old-school marketing way of thinking. Do you know how many of those letters are going directly into the recycling bin without being opened? 

Things like snail mail, fax and ads in yellow pages are mummified, not because they’re uncool, but because there’s no way to track your return on investment.

STOP the madness Mummy.


If you’re not doing anything at all to stay in touch with your clients, consider yourself a marketing zombie. 

You might be extra busy, you might think, “I have all the business I need,” or you might not want to “annoy” your clients. The fact is this: if you’re not keeping your name in front of your clients.

You’re NOT a ZOMBIE right?


It must be a full moon, because that’s the only time your clients hear from you. If you’re only contacting your client when it’s time for them to renew their policy, upgrade their plumbing, refinance their home, etc., then you are a werewolf. 

Your Customers Aren’t Werewolves; Stop Looking for a Marketing Silver Bullet

Bringing your monstrous marketing habits under control might take some effort, but your clients and your bottom line will thank you. Now that you’re on your way back to humanity, go forth and terrorize the neighborhood no more! (And have a few pieces of candy. You’ve earned it.)

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