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Quick Content Ideas for Small Businesses

Quick Content Ideas for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner, you are probably very busy. Trying to maintain online relevance to compete with bigger businesses can be difficult. Here are 22 quick content ideas you can do yourself or small marketing team can accomplish to maintain your online presence: 

1. Photos of current staff member(s).

2. Photos of a new team member.

3. Photo of owner or boss interacting with the business.

4. Photo of new products being unboxed or stocked.

5. Photos of satisfied customers (with legal and proper consent).

6. Photo of an office pet or mascot. 

7. Photo of a holiday gathering or charity event.

8. Photo of staff members in action (meeting, helping customers, stocking shelves, etc.).

9. Short video of a happy customer’s testimonial.  

10. Photo of new equipment. 

11. Photo of staff working on location (especially if it is out in the field).

12. Photo of “behind the scenes” or “how it is made”. 

13. Memes made from your own pictures.

14. Short video of company birthday or employee birthday.

15. Video announcement of a promotion, product, or special.

16. Video tour of the business or areas you serve.  

17. Video/podcast with some helpful industry advice for the customer. 

18. Video supporting a local cause or volunteered event.

19. Video showing off use new products or services (30 seconds to a minute).

20. Video of the owner talking about the mission of the company.

21. Video/podcast interview with team members.

22. Assemble product or service photos into a collage. 

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