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Keep Your WordPress Website Safe!

Keep Your WordPress Website Safe!

With WordPress being the most popular CMS comes the most likely to be hacked. Yikes! Out of the 8,000 infected websites analyzed in a study by, 74% were built on WordPress. 61% of infected WordPress sites are out of date with 0.95% of Alexa’s top 1 million websites running a vulnerable version 3.6 of WordPress. ALWAYS keep your website up to date, this includes themes, plugins, PHP, CSS, SSL certificate, and content. Back in 2017, 4000 WordPress websites got infected with malware coming from a fake SEO plugin and 52% of the vulnerabilities reported by WPScan are caused by WordPress plugins. 39% of WordPress vulnerabilities are cross-site scripting (XSS) issues. 37% of WordPress vulnerabilities result from the WordPress core files and 11% of WordPress vulnerabilities are caused by WordPress themes.

Why do we continue to use this CMS over others? Because these scary data points are well documented and constantly being fixed by WordPress’ open-source development style. Here at Miller Media, we offer website redesign and web maintenance services that can help you keep your website safe and updated so that hackers can’t compromise your website. We also offer SEO services with SEO experts keeping track of safe-to-use SEO plugins that help instead of hindering search marketing efforts. 

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