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How to Create Great Content for Search

How to Create Great Content for Search

Showcase your expertise by making great content that is useful and memorable for viewers and search engines. Start with page-level research, then list keywords and topics for SEO. Ahrefs’ Site Explorer allows you to plug in your organic search competitors into the Top Pages report section and export the files. Make sure to combine all the files with combine CSV files online tool. Additional ways to develop this content are: 

  • Keyword Research 
  • Create an Outline or Content Brief 
  • Write for Featured Snippets 
  • Use Internal Links
  • Create a Team to Produce Content
    • SEO expert
    • Writer
    • Editor
    • Graphic Designer
    • Web Developer 
    • Photographer 
    • Videographer 
  • Use Knowledge & Insights
  • Measure Content Success
    • SEO: Rankings, Links, & Traffic
    • Business: Conversions, Qualified Leads, & Revenue
  • Audit Content Periodically 

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