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How to Address Google Core Algorithm Updates

How to Address Google Core Algorithm Updates

Google confirmed that there is no “fix” that websites can do to pages that perform less other than building great content. Websites are evaluated over a long period of time, and this is viewed as a single, aggregated progress report. Then this the report is used to inform decisions to reward, punish, or maintain a site’s status. Many SEO experts have identified a trend where websites that change in the weeks leading up to a core update are disregarded. Google rarely gives out an advanced notice when changes to the algorithm are coming, so there is no signal to implement a huge amount of web changes sitewide. The closest data that we can find to help predict when a core update is coming is the “Backets” Core Update from showing when updates occurred from 2018 until now. Their data concludes:

Yearly frequency: 3 per year except for 2021.

  • Most common quarter: Q2 with 4 updates in total. 
  • We’ve only seen 2 updates in Q4. 

Most common month: March & June with 2 updates taking place in those months.

  • Most common time of month: 9 out of 12 updates have taken place in the first half of the month (prior to the 15th). 
  • More than half of the updates have taken place within the first 4 days of a month. 

Average time in between Google Core Algorithm updates is 120 days, which falls in line with our finding that core algorithms updates typically happen three times a year. Leverage this data, by prepping your marketing strategy for long lasting content and web design.

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