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How Organic Search Is Changing

How Organic Search Is Changing

The days when image-rich web pages with zero text, keyword stuffing, automated link building, link exchanges, web directory listings, syndicated articles, and producing a high volume of blog posts (with low quality) helped rank your brand’s website no longer exists. Those search engine optimization (SEO) tactics that got your enterprise’s domain to rank in 2007 are outdated.

Why Care about Google? 

According to the digital marketing agency Reliabilesoft, Google commands the majority share of search traffic worldwide at just over 91 percent of global searches. The Microsoft Bing search engine share, depending on the country, is between 2.83 percent and 12.31 percent of global searches. Most professional digital marketing agencies focus on ranking for Google versus other search engines. Google uses an algorithm to establish what website shows up when a searcher types in a specific query. Previously, Google updates had humorous names like Penguin, Panda, BERT, and even Fred. Currently, most Google updates fall under one umbrella term: Google core algorithm updates. According to MarketMuse, Google updates its core search algorithm on an almost daily basis to provide “search results offering the best and most relevant content for every query.”

Why care about SEO?

Understanding how search engines work and how to rank content for them is a critical part of the success of your business website. Here are a few reasons to care about SEO:

  1. Web content can bring in highly qualified visitors to your brand’s website and improves your content’s reach.
  2. Grows into a valuable “evergreen” asset. Meaning it has long lasting effects after you take the time to create it. 
  3. When optimizing your website for Google, you’re offering a valuable resource for those seeking information related to your industry.
  4. Prompts users to enter the sales cycle without paying for lead generation.
  5. Quality content has a compounding effect. It will keep visitors coming back and even referring others down the line.

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