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How Embedding a YouTube Video Helps Your Website’s SEO

How Embedding a YouTube Video Helps Your Website’s SEO

One lesser-known tactic to help boost the SEO of your website is to embed a YouTube video. Some may have shied away from this technique because it slows load times, however if strategically placed they can be a great engagement tool to help potential clients stay longer on your website. Other possible benefits you may be missing out on are:


When you use YouTube to host your video you have more opportunities for backlinks. Someone might link to the YouTube video and/or the page that the videos lives on, which will give you the backlink you want. If they link to just the YouTube video then users still have the ability to click to the webpage that the videos lives on, since you will have links to the page in your description. Having the video on YouTube simply gives users more options to find you.


Ranking on Google & YouTube SERPs

Having a YouTube presence will automatically rank you on their SERPs. When you’ve embedded the video onto your website, you can be ranked on both Google and YouTube. Users use both search engines, and it will create a great avenue for exposure on both platforms. Ranking on both search engines also gives you a boost in authority. Users are more likely to trust a company that is available on multiple platforms. 


Hosting on Videos on YouTube 

Hosting your video on YouTube is free. This can be a huge help to small businesses that may have a tight marketing budget. You have access to analytics for your video right away and do not need to integrate any third-party apps. You can tailor videos based your market and grow and audience that in turn can become potential clients. This is helpful and imperative to a successful video marketing strategy. 


Hosting Videos on Your Website

While it’s great that YouTube is free, you unfortunately have no say in what advertisements will pop up in and around your video. You also might not be the one to appear on the top of the results page. Hosting on your own website will always take the user to your page, not a third-party site. They will be able to focus on your video, not competitor ads or videos. Regardless of where a video is hosted, the bottom line is that a video on your website will likely increase engagement and that’s what we want for a successful SEO strategy.


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