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How brands can utilize influencer marketing to increase searches and demand

How brands can utilize influencer marketing to increase searches and demand

Showcase your brand or product by collaborating with influencers participating in a trend. Not only is it a great way to create awareness, but it also will increase searches for your product or brand. Influencers have the advantage of an existing loyal audience and will speak using the unpolished language of social media to create new customers, which in turn results in higher conversion rates for searches for your brand or product.

In an example provided by, Popsockets, a phone grip brand, activated 8 of their brand ambassadors to participate in a trend known as the “Emoji Outfit Challenge”. The ambassadors would film themselves matching their outfits to popular emojis and include a phone grip into their respective outfits. Their product reached 2 million viewers.

If a popular influencer from your niche is already featuring a generic product, you sell in a trending piece of content that could translate into follow-up content such as reviews, hauls, etc. This could also lead to content being created that your product could be seamlessly incorporated into. For example, if you sell cookware and you send cookware to a cooking influencer, and they genially enjoy your product, they will use it in other videos they create. Reach out to influencers for product placement and use the power of spoken word marketing. You can find influencers in every niche or even look beyond your niche; you might find a new market to break into that overlaps with your target audience. With the right creative spin, even seemingly mismatched pairings can yield successful results.

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