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How brands can take advantage of existing social media trends to drive traffic to their website

How brands can take advantage of existing social media trends to drive traffic to their website

Recreate Trending Content:

Getting your brand involved in culturally relevant movements can be achieved by recreating a trending piece of content on your company’s social media account. Make sure to put your own or a new spin on your product or message to give it a more authentic feel. Tik Tok’s discovery tab is a great place to search for fresh ideas. Trending hashtags and audios can spark ideas for your content if you are at a loss of where to start new conversations. Include calls to action at the end of your piece of reactive social media content and paste an appropriate link in your profiles bio to drive traffic off the platform straight to your website.

 Create Supporting Content Off Social Media:

A lot of brands and content creators are so focused on the social media part that they forget to provide supporting content on their website. Google Trends indicates that people are searching for trending items on Google due to trends taking off. Companies miss the opportunity by ignoring the search boost resulting in viral social media trends or organic influences’ mentions. Your brand or product does not even have to be mentioned in viral content. Use keywords to optimize your website content for new audiences. 

Here is an excellent example provided by

If you’re a brand or a retailer selling kitchen appliances, you can create a landing page featuring Emily Mariko’s most-loved kitchen appliances. Diving into her TikTok videos will show you she’s also a fan of rice cookers, aesthetic non-stick cookware, stove gap covers, blenders… All of these items are being searched for by Emily Mariko’s fans… Another piece of content to support toaster oven searches could be “5 toaster oven recipes even Emily Mariko would approve of” — an evergreen article with a trending angle. 

This example also provides an opportunity to create digital PR. You can pitch the article you wrote on the piece of trending content to journalists, publishers, or bloggers creating a mutual benefit: quality backlinks, affiliate links, increased website views, and an influx of new customers. 

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