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Google made 3,200 changes to search in the past year

Google made 3,200 changes to search in the past year

Google continues to make changes, you should continue to invest in improving your web site, do not let your website sit idle.

Why should you care?  If anything is true in SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is that we can always expect change. Google has made many changes to its algorithms over the years and continues to release algorithmic updates to improve usability and improve relevancy. You cannot just sit idle and expect rankings today will be the same tomorrow. As Google continues to make changes, your web site must continue to improve to gain and maintain rankings in Google search.

Google made over 3,200 changes to its search system last year alone. Google wrote, “Our search algorithms are complex math equations that rely on hundreds of variables, and last year alone, we made more than 3,200 changes to our search systems.”

3,200 changes! Yes, Google has for a while said it makes, on average, several changes to search per day, and 3,200 changes per year would be about several per day. So what have you done today to increase your visibility online?

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