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Does Your Business Need a Local SEO Strategy?

Does Your Business Need a Local SEO Strategy?

Not all businesses need local SEO. Businesses that do are ones that serve a specific geographic location (or several). They need to rank in local search for the key terms potential customers are searching for in their area. Google considers many different ranking signals, and therefore it is important to develop a local SEO strategy. Not sure if you are the type of business that needs local SEO? Here is list of business types that it is imperative for: 

?   Bars & restaurants

⚖️   Law offices

??‍♂️ Local contractors

? Plumbers

?   Real estate companies

? Medical service providers

? Stores & boutiques

✂️ Hair salons

?  Government agencies

? Non-profit organizations

☕️ Coffee shops

? Local consultants

⚙️   Manufacturers

? Museums

? Auto dealers

? Photographers

? Colleges & universities

? Casinos

? Hotels

? Businesses with in-person experiences 

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